Android 11 based anonymous OS

An operating system for mobile phones based on the Android 11 platform, freed from bindings to Google services and providing additional means to ensure privacy and security.

  • Monthly generation of automatically installed updates, including current vulnerability fixes.
  • Using the Signal messenger by default. Support for making encrypted calls via Signal or WhatsApp is built into the call making interface.
  • Delivery of the K-9 mail client with OpenPGP support.
  • Using OpenKeychain to manage encryption keys.
  • Support for devices with dual SIM cards and programmable SIM cards
  • DBy default, the DuckDuckGo Browser is used with ad blocking and trackers. The system also has a Tor Browser.
  • VPN support is integrated – you can choose to access the network via free VPN Calyx and RiseUp.
  • When using the phone in access point mode, it is possible to organize an exit via VPN or Tor.
  • Cloudflare DNS is available as a DNS provider.
  • The F-Droid catalog and the Aurora Store app are offered for installing applications
  • Instead of Google Network Location Provider, a layer is offered for using Mozilla Location Service or DejaVu to get location information
  • OpenStreetMap Nominatim is used to convert addresses to location (Geocoding Service).
  • A set of microG is supplied instead of Google services
  • There is a Panic button for emergency data cleaning and deleting certain applications.
  • Confidential phone numbers, such as helplines, are excluded from the call log.
  • Unknown USB devices are blocked by default.
  • The function of disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is available after a certain period of inactivity.
  • The Datura firewall is used to control application access to the network.
  • To protect against substitution or malicious modification of the firmware, the system is verified by digital signature at the download stage.
  • Automatic system for creating backup copies of applications is integrated. The ability to move encrypted backups to a USB drive or to Nextcloud cloud storage.
  • There is a visual interface for tracking application permissions.



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