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Own VPN server for free

Let’s create VPN server in the AWS cloud. So first, if you still don’t have it, register free AWS account on it will give 12 month free use.

Select EC2 option in Services tab which will deploy virtual machine in the cloud


Launch instance and select OpenVPN at AWS Marketplace

OpenVPN Free tier eligible

Set Instance type to t2.micro

t2 micro allows to have 2 clients only but for free

Create new pair key and download it (only chance to download)

Make a new key and download it

Click on the link of the launched instances

After it’s been loaded make a right click on running service to connect. You will commands example, we will go for stand alone SSH

Scroll down and copy example command

Launch linux terminal or Power shell and paste the copied command into command line. Make sure there is correct way to pair key downloaded file.

Change the password

sudo passwd openvpn

Now go back to AWS, scroll down and find your IPv4 and copy that. After open the new tab in browser and paste there specifed your port and admin option.

Login with your username and password and under configuration settings go to VPN settings and set “all client internet traffic through VPN” and update running server.

All client internet traffic through VPN

Client can be connected by the same way entering IPv4 address without “admin” into the browser, login with same username and password and choice a any one from the wide range of option for access.

Download App, install and enjoy.

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