The Best Anonymous Hosting Providers for Crypto

Research taking into account the following criteria:

  • The service should be paid by Crypto (Monero, Zcash) and should be able to receive it directly, not using third party service required registration
  • Should not use Google capture and load scripts of google statistics, Google Management and etc
  • Should not load any scripts of other Commercial organizations
  • Should not use Cloadflare protection
  • Perfectly service should have own mirror inside anonymous networks
  • Should not ask for any confidential data and check data entered during registration
  • Service and servers should not be a part of “14 eyes agreement” country
  • Hosting Provider should support Warrant canary methods


Host4coins is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting service which only accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin over Lightning Network payments. The only required information is an email address. Provider DO NOT check if it’s valid, so if you put an invalid email address, you won’t receive renewal reminders and other important information. Processing of the orders for new servers is manual. Please allow 48-72 hours for delivery.

Price starts from USD 8 per month


The hosting has ONION domain and receive Monero, Dash, Zcash payment. Recommended to use servers from India as this country is not included to “14 eyes agreement” list. Everything what will be required for registration is your SSH key for connection to server.

Price starts from USD 10 per month


The service has own TOR mirror, receives a wide range of cryptocurrency. Also providing Domain registration. Unfortunately the servers locating in Switzerland which is part of “14 eyes agreement” country list.

Price starts from EUR 15 per month


Cockbox is a small, Tor-friendly, privacy-oriented Bitcoin VPS provider. Due to its small size, customers have immediate access to 24/7 phone support (lie) and things are pretty relaxed in general (true). Cockbox’s servers are in Bucharest, Romania, and 950 Gbit DDoS protection is automatically included on every server.

Price starts from USD 10 per month

P.S. It is, of course, highly recommended that visiting these services you will use anonymizers so your internet provider will not be logging what you are interesting for.

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