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Why Google is dangerous

In June, one stranger set on fire the SUV parked outside the house of the witness for a case about American singer R. Kelly.

The FBI sent a request to the Google corporation to disclose all those who had googled the address of the house recently before the arson. The IP address was associated with a telephone number belonging to a state resident. The incident itself took place in Florida. The man turned out to be a publicist associated with the singer Kelly.

The FBI also analyzed the phone numbers used by cell towers near the victim’s home. It turned out that a telephone connected to R. Kelly’s relative had used one of these towers during the arson.

Finally, the agents established the path of the given smartphone. It was confirmed that he made the journey from one state to another, stopping at the site of the arson. It turned out that the number is served by the operator T-Mobile. The operator was sent a separate request for the issuance of call history and personal information about the owner of the number.

Then the arsonist was caught.

It is obvious that the arsonist was far from the IT sphere, but this is a good example. How law enforcement agencies can segregate people according to their search queries.

Remember that any of your actions in non-ethical services will be recorded, cataloged, and transferred to the security forces, even if you are a law-abiding citizen.

Use free ethical counterparts that respect your privacy.

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